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Abandoned Chapel Organ


Photographed in the chapel at The Lake of No Return


The Water And The Desert

DSCF9291 (1)

I stopped for lunch, yesterday, along the banks of Foss Reservoir.
What a stunning landscape; perfect to spur the imagination.
The remarkably high waves in this lake are produced by strong, steady winds, and create a dramatic scene.
Certainly, this location is not worth planning a vacation, but if you find yourself in Southwest Oklahoma, between OKC and Amarillo, I recommend checking this out.
This shoot will probably become the motivation insuring my purchase of an ultra wide lens.
Unfortunately, I will have to buy the body as well.
Hmm… now I know that I will buy a Tokina 11-16, but what camera body should I buy?


Tumbleweed Deposited Along The Banks



Clematis Among The Shadows


Aware that there is certainly no competition among friends; still, I’m reluctant to post garden photographs to be viewed by some of these fine garden photographers here at WordPress.
I’ve listed, below, some links to my favorite photographs from just a few of my favorite garden photographers.
Please take just a moment to check out these links
Not only are these some really good photographers, but these folks are really fun to hook up with and follow.





Natural Light Featured



Fuji x100
ISO 320


This image was taken inside the doors from the post “Your Barn Door’s Open”. The two windows against the back wall are the windows creating the secondary subject of that image.

Burning Metal Featured


This man peers carefully into his work, as he welds on a new hatch. The hatch will have to withstand many thousands of pounds of water pressure without leaking.

And just in case you’ve wondered if I really am the typo master, I’ve inserted a typo in my watermark. Damn)

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