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Ice Box Featured

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The room was photographed as it was when I found it.



The Water And The Desert

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I stopped for lunch, yesterday, along the banks of Foss Reservoir.
What a stunning landscape; perfect to spur the imagination.
The remarkably high waves in this lake are produced by strong, steady winds, and create a dramatic scene.
Certainly, this location is not worth planning a vacation, but if you find yourself in Southwest Oklahoma, between OKC and Amarillo, I recommend checking this out.
This shoot will probably become the motivation insuring my purchase of an ultra wide lens.
Unfortunately, I will have to buy the body as well.
Hmm… now I know that I will buy a Tokina 11-16, but what camera body should I buy?


Tumbleweed Deposited Along The Banks



Clematis Among The Shadows


Aware that there is certainly no competition among friends; still, I’m reluctant to post garden photographs to be viewed by some of these fine garden photographers here at WordPress.
I’ve listed, below, some links to my favorite photographs from just a few of my favorite garden photographers.
Please take just a moment to check out these links
Not only are these some really good photographers, but these folks are really fun to hook up with and follow.





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