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This is my Fuji X100. My wife bought it for me for Christmas, 7 year anniversary, next birthday, and a few birthdays after that. I’ve invested a bit in a few upgrades as well. The camera is protected by a Gariz leather half case. That’s a solid brass, unpainted, 12mm soft shutter button. The viewfinder on the hot shoe is sold separate, and it’s not cheap. God knows how old that thing is, but it’s a Nikon RF 3.5, and it comes in its own, ancient looking leather case. I can only recommend the viewfinder for form… not function. The strap is a handcrafted, Chrome, Barton 1972. If you’ve not checked out Barton 1972, I recommend it. And finally, the lens hood is JJC. I ordered another off brand hood to compare, and there simply was no comparison. I cannot recommend the JJC Highly enough.
Really it’s a shame that the hood doesn’t come with the camera, considering (a.) lenses need hoods, and (b.) this metal, JJC hood does the X100 perfect justice.


44 Responses to “My Gear”

  1. Liana

    ok, wow, thanks for the personal invite…I’m absa impressed by your glass 🙂

    • dinkerson

      Thanks. Most of these pictures were not taken with this camera. I kinda wish I had bought this when I first started this blog, but I didn’t know if I was ready for it. Probably wasn’t. With the X100 it’s a spiritual thing, you know. Kind of like what they say about Leica… only, maybe less so.

  2. skpfoto

    Beautiful camera. Gariz leather half cases are nice, aren’t they? Got one for my OM-D and it gets a lot of compliments. Steve Huff – almost led me to get an Artisan&Artist strap, walked away and got a lancecamerastrap. Great piece too… I’ll have to look into that JJC lens hood though. That metallic look really does your fuji justice.

    • dinkerson

      I thought it was a Artisan Artist strap on your OM-D. Did you read the reviews on amazon? After reading those reviews, I suspected that Huff may have led us astray on that nylon Artisan Artist.
      Huff did turn me on to Barton 1972. I haven’t got the strap yet, but I think I’m gonna like it.

      • skpfoto

        I was looking at A&A and Barton on Huff… and one of the commenters linked to lancecamerastraps.com . A bit cheaper and pretty high quality, somewhat customizable too. My only regret is I got the 60″ version and it’s way too long lol. please share how you like the Barton 1972 when you get it!

      • dinkerson

        I will. And that strap looks killer on your camera.
        Yes yes, we must have gear acquisition syndrome.
        I’ll put up a comment about the quality of Barton. I’ve heard some people say the the braided is the only good strap that they make. Dunno yet.
        Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  3. Jessica

    Your photos are incredible! I will definitely be back by for more. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and follow my blog. It means the world to me. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  4. Scriptor Obscura

    You know, you should really think about putting a watermark or a sort of copyright little notice within each of your photos, so if people copy and steal them and spread them all over the internet, (which they will, if they’re any good, and yours are), then at least you’ll have a claim on them which can then be traced back to you, etc…Just looking out for you, I know there’s a lot of copyright thieves and plagiarists out there, particularly of images and photos, which are often spread all over the internet without you even knowing about it. You might want to do periodic Google Image searches using your images just to check if they’ve been stolen and used without your permission, you could then file a copyright notice to have them taken down…I dunno. Sorry for the unsolicited advice, just wanted to let you know, I think a watermark would be good. Its up to you though, and either way, I think you have some nice photos here. Especially loved your story of going into that abandoned site and posing as an inspector/foreman so the workers would let you past and wouldn’t be suspicious of your motives there…That was a nice one.

    • dinkerson

      I understand the risks, and this does matter to me. Thus your “unsolicited advice” is appreciated. Plus it’s you, thus such advice is always welcome. 😉
      I’ve not used a watermark simply because I’ve not been able to design anything suitable. I want simple; refined; elegant; think http://www.vervecoffeeroasters.com . Their labels are perfection.

      Anyway, I’ll continue to work on this. And thank you, very much, for having a look at my photo blog.

      • Scriptor Obscura

        No problem. I’ve subscribed too, sir. 🙂

      • Scriptor Obscura

        Also, I’m really touched by your sudden high esteem of me, when you don’t even know me at all…I’m flattered and sort of embarrassed that you should think so highly of me, hope I can live up to your view…hope you’ll think the book was worth your money too. Look forward to seeing your watermark whenever you come up with one…

      • dinkerson

        Whatever it takes, right? I enjoy merlot. In fact, if you’ve thought before that you’d like your merlot with a little more bite, then I suggest Ararat brandy (Winston Churchill’s brandy of choice); although, it can be difficult to find.
        Aged Courvoisier is dry, like your Malbec, and packs a strong punch. It’s a “man’s” drink.
        And it takes it easy on you the next morning. That’s an important distinction from typical brandies.

  5. geoffwatt

    ohhhhh, that strap is serious, I’d never heard of them until now. And the above comments have made me thirsty, I nice scotch is my editing aid of choice.

  6. dinkerson

    This Barton strap is the best quality I’ve seen. The strap exudes craftsmanship, and is ideal for lightweight cameras. Bartons makes some other high end straps, but I’ve heard that the quality isn’t there with some of those.
    I don’t mind a little Johnny Walker every now and then. I like the red label. I’ve had the blue, but I just don’t have the discerning pallet for scotch.
    But whatever it takes, right?

  7. photographybyjoylene

    That is one cool looking camera and what a great shot of it – staged perfectly, and that strap is to die for! Probably wouldn’t work too well on a heavier DSLR (I’m thinking neck burn), but it certainly is gorgeous.

    • dinkerson

      You’re right. The strap, cool as it is, could not be used with a heavy camera.
      Just so you know, Barton makes some really good looking DLSR straps too; although, I’ve heard some bad reports on them.
      Just the same, the Barton DSLR straps that I’ve seen are made of genuine calf hide, and they look epic.

  8. Jackie

    What an awesome capture! You have fantastic gear. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my photos! I appreciate it very much. 😀

    • dinkerson

      Thank you Jackie.
      Your blog is great. I’ve not yet had time to look around as much as I’d like, but I’ll be over soon to do just that.

      And as for this gear… what can I say, there’s just something almost spiritual about an x100. Something that a lot of other people just don’t understand.

  9. rayray

    I have the X100 too. Love it. It’s got a personality all its own. Glad I found your blog.

    • dinkerson

      I love the complexity of this brand. And the history.
      I know very few people who share my taste for cognac.

      • Paula

        😀 Now, you know one 😀 I don’t know the history of Courvoisier, but the taste I do know by heart 😀

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