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Dirty Sixth, Austin

DSCF8565 (2)

This shot was taken through the window of the famous Bat Bar, as Steph and I passed along the sidewalk outside.

This is a repost because the original disappeared, along with all of the great discussion in the comments section.


5 Responses to “Dirty Sixth, Austin”

  1. pleisbilongtumi

    Oh. I am so sorry that you lost it. I think I was there. It is nice to enjoy again your brilliant shot. I wouldn’t have done better than you did.

  2. aussieian2011

    Great pic my friend, for some reason it reminds me of a scene out of a 1950s movie.
    Could have been in an Al Capone movie.
    Ian aka Emu

  3. LB

    So much to see in this shot! The band and instruments of course, but also the ceiling lights, and the window itself. Nice!


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