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One For Taylor



10 Responses to “One For Taylor”

  1. dinkerson

    Thanks, Suzy. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while after posting another similar image. At the time, I couldn’t decide which one I liked more, that one or this. Now I’m certain that this is the better shot.
    Normally I stay away from the cheesy black shots with one object in color, but I was just feeling good about it this time, I guess.
    Thanks again.

  2. George Weaver

    Well, I’m a little late to the grand opening! I like your new sophisticated look here! This is a nice image with the soft colors. I like it too, Miss Taylor! 🙂

    • dinkerson

      Well, I was sick one day, and had nothing better to do than overhaul my image. I was getting bored with the old look anyhow. 😉

      I’m really glad to see you George. Taylor asked me to print this so she could hang it in her room. My heart’s still a puddle.


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