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Traveling Beyond my Bailiwick

From Steph, With Love


Christmas Came Early This Year!





12 Responses to “From Steph, With Love”

  1. suzywordmuser

    I hope you are wearing it now!? 😉 That’s a great picture though, the bottle of gin keeps it in perfect company, adding a really good contrast and making that baby blue very attractive. Could be a perfect advert! 😀

  2. dinkerson

    I was wearing my old one while I shot this. I swear. 🙂

    I’m giving commercial style photography a go. You’re the second person to notice! That’s great!
    Thanks very much for stopping by.

    • dinkerson

      She did well, didn’t she Frag? I hope I wasn’t supposed to one up her, because that would put me in a bit of a conundrum.

  3. lolabees

    Does that little turquoise pouch get you as excited as it gets me? 😉 I’m actually not a huge jewelry person, but there’s something about that Tiffany packaging. Beautiful ring– nice work, Steph. Oh, and the gin isn’t so bad either. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Dink!

    • dinkerson

      Yes, the pouch tells you that it’s doubtless you’re getting something nice.
      And who doesn’t love them some Hendricks Gin? 😉
      Thanks, Lola. And merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Glad to see you around.


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