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Bon Vivant


I Live Vicariously Through Myself





30 Responses to “Bon Vivant”

  1. rangewriter

    Is this your liquor stash? Wowza! You live vicariously through yourself…That’s got me thinking. Actually this image has a commercial feel, like I just expect it to be an intro to plug for a bar, a liquor store, or some very suave scenario.

    • dinkerson

      Yes. 🙂 This is my liquor stash! Or part of it.

      I’ve always been interested in commercial photography, and this was my first attempt at it. I can’t believe that you picked up on that! You know, your comment could not have been better. 😉

      I was going for commercial, also, with the ring picture.
      Perhaps I’ll camp out on this style for a few days.

      • dinkerson

        Not at all. Your comment was great! As always, it’s very good to hear from you.
        I enjoy reading your thoughts on my work. 🙂

        You know, any time you see something that you dislike in one of my photos, or you have a thought about how the photo could be improved, don’t hesitate to let me know.
        I get so many “good jobs” that I tend to really like it when someone points out an area where I could improve!
        I suspect you must know what I mean.

      • rangewriter

        I do know what you mean, but you’re already 10 steps ahead of me. You know, I’m not one to hold back. 😮

    • dinkerson

      Allan, lighting was tricky on this shot because of those reflections. I’m glad that you pointed that out.
      To tell you the truth, I ended up going with a light that was so dim it was almost not there, and I chose a longer exposure and bumped the ISO a notch or two.

      • Allan G. Smorra

        Nice solution. It is at times like this that one must pull out the stops and try something, anything, to get the shot. Once you learn the rules you can begin breaking them.

      • dinkerson

        Lol. Some of my favorite photographers are always breaking those rules. So true though, that you must learn them first.
        Good to see you around Allan.

  2. suzywordmuser

    Another cool advert!! 🙂 So this is what you’ll be serving for drinks over Christmas and New Year!? Don’t drink it all too quickly! 😀

  3. dinkerson

    Well, I’m having Christmas away from home this year. But this does give you an idea of what Thanksgiving was like!
    I drink slowly; I like to savor it. 😉 🙂

  4. enmanscamera

    What a fun shot….The comments you garnered add to the image…well done. and I will expect you’ll have a, hmmm, happy Christmas.

    • dinkerson

      I have 16 days off for Christmas, and I suspect that I’ll have time to have plenty of fun and get into lots of trouble.
      Frag, the boys and I may need some help drinking all of this, so you have an open invitation here. Unless you’re an abstainer, in which case… well, do they even have those in the UK?

      • fragglerocking

        haha no abstainers in the UK, bunch of piddleheads over here ( I was going to write pissheads but don’t think thats allowed).


  5. LB

    I’m glad to see a single malt right up front! Comment sections are great and I was interested to read how you got the shot. Merry Christmas!

    • dinkerson

      You know, the Edradour is for friends, and not myself. I’m more of a brandy guy, with some gin on occasion. And a Rum Old Fashioned is always permissible as long as the rum is good quality.
      Did you notice the XO on the left? That was a Christmas present, this year, from the boss. God love him.
      Thanks for the good wishes, and a merry Christmas to you too!

    • dinkerson

      Thanks George. I’m glad your picking up what I’m putting down with this new commercial vibe. I’m in the groove.
      Imagine what I could do with some real equipment!
      😛 😀


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