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Ice Box

DSCF9357 (3)

The room was photographed as it was when I found it.



50 Responses to “Ice Box”

  1. tootonesbored

    …Dink’, this series of “ghost town” shots are amazing…composition is bang on and the colour (or lack of it) is stunning…take a bow man, take a well deserved bow!…

    • dinkerson

      Thank you. You know, I feel like I’ve had to go back to the drawing board with my photography in order to step it up and begin creating images on a whole new level.
      I believe that it’s working, but it helps to get great feedback from people like you.
      I’m ready to start creating a portfolio that isn’t just good for an average guy with a camera, but that’s good period.
      I think that this recent work that I’ve posted here is showing the direction that I’m taking things.
      And, as always, I hope to just keep getting better.

  2. aussieian2011

    One thing about your pictures mate is that they really do capture a piece of history, a moment in time, great photography.

    • dinkerson

      Thanks, Ian. And I want you to be aware that my absence from your blog is due to a hectic work schedule. Soon I’ll have a little more time to check out what you’ve been up to recently.
      Your blog has been one of my favorites for quite some time now.
      What you’ve said, here, about my work is what makes it fun for me. I hope to produce images that are more than just a picture of something cool. I hope to spark the imagination of my viewers, and keep coming back for more.
      Of course, I’m losing viewers on a daily basis. My stats are plummeting, but I’m okay with that as long as I’m taking five steps back in order to take twenty steps forward. 🙂

      As always, Ian, thanks very much for following.

    • dinkerson

      Lol. Yeah, I’m a bit of a classic movie buff. So I grew up hearing the term “ice box” in those classic films.
      And I think that Aunt Bee calls the fridge an ice box in a couple of episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.

    • dinkerson

      Thanks! I’m glad you think so. And it’s been really cool reconnecting with you.
      I’m bracing myself, always, for another of your controversial posts. 😉

      Glad to see how much you’ve been enjoying your summer. Keep it up, girl Ma’am.

      • rangewriter

        You can call me girl. Just don’t call me girlie. ;-} The heat just hit Idaho. I’ll probably be looking for indoor activity for a while…so I’m liable to crawl on my soap box and blare at you again. I’m sorry. But at least we are able to converse about our different perspectives. That’s what is missing in the larger picture. (ahh…no pun intended.)

      • dinkerson

        I’ll be braced for it. The hot weather can also add an edge to those kinds of posts. At least it can with me.
        I enjoy getting some practical and well thought perspectives from the opposite end of the spectrum.
        Whats upsetting to me is that mostly stupid people have the speaking platform, and they either make no sense or they are purposefully incindiary.
        This is true of conservatives and liberals alike. Shameful.
        I was thinking of posting, soon, on the subject of abortion. What I thought of doing was to remove the conceptual stigmas from both sides of the issue.
        So, I would do away with the “pro abortion” and “anti women” labels, and just look at the unadulterated facts. I would remove the notion that advocates of women’s choice on the matter are baby haters, and that those aposed to abortion are women haters. I would do away with those labels because, on a broad scale, neither contains much merit. These are labels that keep the two perspectives at extreme odds, and even renders them unable to discuss and compare thought processes.
        Anyway, that’s what’s stirring in my mind, and I may just have to post soon.
        If this comment doesn’t read particularly well, it’s because I’m typing it on my phone, and that seldom a makes for a fluid read.

      • rangewriter

        Wow! Well done phone work. And good luck parsing the abortion issue. What you propose to do is a daunting but admirable goal. I will look forward to reading it, my friend. And I promise to put little safety tips on my claws. 😉

    • dinkerson

      Thank you, Sir. Feedback like this from a photographer as accomplished as you always means lot to me. The things I could learn from you. It would be awesome to spend a day or five in training under you.
      I hope that my images do create a story in the minds of my viewers. This is so much more satisfying than simply causing folks to stop and glance.

      • enmanscamera

        I do thank you for your complements. I also would like to spend the day shooting with you and that amazing X100 you employ so well.

  3. fragglerocking

    I think all the good things have been said by those above, and there isn’t anything bad to say at all, so I’ll just shut up 🙂

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Love it. Somehow so much substance (holds so much). Great, Nathan!

    • dinkerson

      Thanks! Good to see you. I hoped that these images would create some sort of story in people’s minds.
      I guess any artist kind of hopes that.

  5. George Weaver

    Dink, these photographers look at your photos because they are good. Really good. They say that a photo should tell a story or illicit emotion. Yours always do. They are reminiscent of little poems or stories. You’ve obviously got the “eye” too and the technical skill to tell your stories. You are going in a good direction with your work. All you need is a monitor… I can see the awkward black here too. Can you take this and the living room ones to an Internet Cafe or to Walgreen’s print shop where you can view them on another monitor. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Granny.

  6. George Weaver

    My monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080. Forgot you asked that. It’s a 24″ monitor. The color is calibrated by Windows 8 automatically for the LED monitor. Does that answer? 🙂

    • dinkerson

      Yes. My thoughts are that, if this is such a tell tale monitor, then I want to adjust my images so that they look good on it. If they look good on it, then they almost must look good on almost anything.
      I think I might buy one. Only not the 24″. That’s too big for me. Maybe a 20″, if I can find one.

    • dinkerson

      Hi Paula. Please forgive my delayed response, but it’s always great to hear from you.
      This was shot inside a house located in an abandoned religious community far out in the country in Arkansas. There is no road to this place, and it’s way back in the woods around a small lake. The lake is called “No Return Lake”, or as the locals call it, the lake of no return.
      I hope you’ve been well. 🙂

  7. Kellie Kennedy

    I always look at your photos and think of warm nice thoughts. The loss of my father has left me pretty
    sad so when I see your photos it brings me to a happy place and smile comes easier. 🙂

    • dinkerson

      Kelly, I’m sorry to hear about your Father. Taking from what you wrote about the man, he seemed like a great fellow.
      I’ve read your posts on the subject, but I’m always so bad at responding to these matters.

  8. Paula

    I’ve stopped by to see if there are some new posts here. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, Dinkerson.

    • dinkerson

      Paula, My Thanksgiving was filled with… family.
      Despite that, I managed to have a really great time.

      I’m glad to hear from you. I’ve noticed that you’ve been busy churning out some fab stuff over there on your space. Great work, and I can’t wait to give it a better look.


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