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Retired To The Stables


Carriage photographed in the stables at The Lake of No Return


29 Responses to “Retired To The Stables”

  1. Java Girl

    It looks spooky, but at the same time, it looks like it’s ready to go at any moment’s notice. There is a certain energy I sense from it. I like the wheels!

    • dinkerson

      Lol. I like three of the wheels. The fourth looks a little useless. 😉

      This place had an energy. And I’ve been pleased with the images that I took from there.

    • dinkerson

      Hey Lola. 🙂

      The truth is that I know nothing about this place. Only that it has been left untouched to such a degree that there is still food in the pantry, and amazing items that would be easy to take.
      If you google this, you’ll find nothing. Ask the locals, and they know nothing.

      There is a church, some cabins, and the stables. They all look as though they were quickly abandoned, and nobody has ever been there since.

      It was astounding, really. A place where you want to be respectful, and not touch anything. Preserve it as it was.

      Or I could make up a story…

    • dinkerson

      You noticed that huh? And if we’d fixed the flat, there’s still the matter of the horse… Or lack thereof. 😉

  2. rangewriter

    Oh, I love this. The simplicity draws me in, my mind plays with the possibilities of past journeys taken by this buggy.

    • dinkerson

      Thank you, Ma’am. I’m glad that you liked this. It can be frustrating to post an image that is as heavily processed as this one, because it tends to look different depending on what device you’re using to view it.
      I just noticed that, on my iPhone, the processing is clearly visible. Argh!
      Will have to e fixed.
      But I’m glad that this looked good to you.

      • rangewriter

        It did look good on my computer. I’ve had the same problem. When I get something looking about right on my computer in photoshop, the same image often looks quite different to me on FB or Flickr…even using the same computer. Now that has be buffaloed. And also, what looks stunning on the camera screen often looks way overexposed on my computer screen. I don’t get that at all.

  3. Paula

    I love the name of the lake 😀 – your photo takes us long back into the past.. marvelous work, Dinkerson 🙂

    • dinkerson

      This is great to hear! It’s been too long since I checked in at your blog. I hope things are going well for you, and I’ll drop in soon to see what you’ve been up to. 🙂

    • dinkerson

      I believe that, at some point in the seventies, this carriage was used for weddings.
      Before that… who knows.

    • dinkerson

      Is that right? Good old Frank! 🙂

      I’m glad you stopped by. I’m having a bit of down time, these days, from my blog. But someday I’ll be back at it and posting like a mad man. I promise.
      Well at least I hope.


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