Dinkerson Photo

Traveling Beyond my Bailiwick

Abandoned Chapel Organ


Photographed in the chapel at The Lake of No Return


10 Responses to “Abandoned Chapel Organ”

    • dinkerson

      The last few times that i’ve visited your blog, my computer has frozen. When I try to leave a comment, it says that the comment cannot be posted and then everything freezes and I have to restart safari.
      Just letting you know. Perhaps you’ve had others mention this also. And perhaps I’m the only one. But I love your work, and I believe that you are a very talented poet. Your story is an interesting one. Really, you’re a fascinating person.

      • Jessica

        Hey Nate,

        Thanks for letting me know. No, I didn’t know that. I’ll have to look into it… I keep thinking I should do a little bit of work with my blog’s appearance, anyway… Thank you. You just may be the impetus for me finally getting it done… Thanks for the compliments. It means a lot. I don’t feel interesting or talented. Just a girl, finding her way in the world like the rest of us. But thank you. I love your work, too! I could never create images like you.

        Hope you’re having a great Sunday! Good to hear from you! 🙂


  1. aussieian2011

    A beautiful old organ like that deserves restoration and a loving home, but then again , as you have captured it, it deserves its old place in history in its original setting, well photographed.

    • dinkerson

      Original setting is key. Restoration would be a shame.
      Reminds me of my grandfathers first gun that I received when he passed away. It’s from 1906, and all original. That is what makes it spectacular.
      As for the piano, I didn’t even want to touch it and leave fingerprints in the accumulated dust.
      I also didn’t want to touch it because of the spiders. 😉


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