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Traveling Beyond my Bailiwick

Faded Ivory


Photographed In The Chapel At The Lake Of No Return


45 Responses to “Faded Ivory”

    • dinkerson

      You’re Jerry from Phoport? I thought you seemed familiar. 🙂 Wow, your photography craft is coming along very well. It’s always impressive to see what you’re capable of getting out of a point & shoot.

      • Jerry

        Yes, Phoport was my blog and I started this one after I hot the Canon EOS Rebel T3. Lovin it. 🙂

  1. thaygoulart

    Wow I agree with lolabees. What is the story?
    And if you don’t mind me asking, could you visit my blog and read something I posted in English? I started it a few days ago and I could use some helpful hints.

      • John

        I know … that’s why I like it …

        I like strong contrasts and light … though, I don’t do all the fun, creative stuff you do with Photoshop…

        But, I do like the atmosphere you give all your shots.

        You’re good at getting the balance right … it’s not over done, or shoddy … they’re really very, very good.

      • John

        I have an iMac, which has pretty good resolution, and, the carriage shot looks good. The bottom edge seems like it might be a bit too strong … but, it’s not obvious. When I look at it on my iPhone, I can see, like you said, a bit more of the touch up marks, But, I’m not sure that I would have noticed them without you mentioning it.

        I might be the wrong person to ask about the specifics of your technique .. I know very little about Photoshop, and know next to nothing about processing the photos in the way that you do. I know enough to say that your photos don’t look Obviously Photoshopped. I know enough to say that it’s better than many out there.

        Overall, I think you’re quite good with your compositions, and with getting your shots focused well… and, I really do like your strong contrasts. I just don’t really know enough about the Photoshop process to offer helpful hints. Most of what I do is done in Lightroom, and the Nik by Google plug-ins. About the only fancy thing I know how to do is use the spot healer. 🙂

  2. ilargia64

    It is beautiful!!!! And I love the name of the place as well: “The Lake of No Return”….Must have wonderful stories behind!

    • dinkerson

      Thank you. I’d love to know more about it myself.

      The story would probably be way more lame than what’s in my head about it now. 🙂

  3. rangewriter

    Oh, Chapel at Lake of No Return…this image opens the door to a story…I bet you could spin a great one. Lovely tones in this one.

  4. George Weaver

    I really like all of the Lake of No Return photographs. You got the tone just right. And there is enough suggestion of color to remind us that the subjects along with the period has faded. Really well done! 🙂

    • dinkerson

      Thank you, George. I always love it when you drop in for a while.
      Getting to connect with and bounce ideas off of artists like you is what makes the WordPress experience so great.

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Such wonderful pictures ALWAYS, Nathan 🙂 So much mood.

    • dinkerson

      Thank you, Ma’am. Glad to see you. How have things been for you. I hope that you’ve managed to get that awkward, online family situation taken care of.
      How funny it was to be contacted by your sister. I’m not a drama kind of guy, so I tend to bow out smiling. But I do hope that you’re doing well.
      And I hope that the book is coming along.

    • dinkerson

      Very well. I’ve not been at my office much lately.
      Thanks for checking on me. And I’ll chat with you soon. 🙂

  6. fragglerocking

    Why haven’t I commented on this hmmm? It’s been here a while and so have I. Hope you are still taking pics even if not posting them so much. I would like to see pictures of the actual lake (of no return). Win mist if possible. 😃

    • dinkerson

      The lake is more of a 5 acre pond. I really haven’t been taking any pictures at all. My camera has not even come with me for the last several trips, and is gathering dust for the first time on my bookshelf. It’s not really what you think. You see, I have a really fun shoot coming up; one that it took some work to set up. The trouble is that I’ve been so looking forward to that, that every other shoot seems boring by comparison. It still could be months before it happens though.
      Anyway, Frag, your recent pictures have blown my mind. Keep up the great work.

      • fragglerocking

        well I will look forward to when you post pics of your funs shoot. I had given up taking my camera with me too since I never seemed to find time on my travels to use it. But I got the chance to get a little Nikon S1 compact at a knock down price and I now keep it in the car…. hence my last post of the mountains and lakes. Only took a few seconds to take those, and wasn’t in ‘shoot’ mode as I was working, so get your camera back in the car… just in case 🙂

  7. The Hook

    My wife would have loved to have accompanied you on this journey. She loves relics of the past.
    Great work – again!


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