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The Water And The Desert

DSCF9291 (1)

I stopped for lunch, yesterday, along the banks of Foss Reservoir.
What a stunning landscape; perfect to spur the imagination.
The remarkably high waves in this lake are produced by strong, steady winds, and create a dramatic scene.
Certainly, this location is not worth planning a vacation, but if you find yourself in Southwest Oklahoma, between OKC and Amarillo, I recommend checking this out.
This shoot will probably become the motivation insuring my purchase of an ultra wide lens.
Unfortunately, I will have to buy the body as well.
Hmm… now I know that I will buy a Tokina 11-16, but what camera body should I buy?


Tumbleweed Deposited Along The Banks




30 Responses to “The Water And The Desert”

  1. pleisbilongtumi

    In deed very stunning views and shots. I have to congratulate you for your new purchase and look forward to enjoy more photos from you 🙂

  2. John

    Really nice …. the editing really highlights the shoreline … and, looks like a great scene shot from a movie!

    • dinkerson

      Yes. I agree this is true. I would probably not use the SLR and ultra wide very often. I’m too hooked on my x100. There are just those occasions when a wide angle would be a slight benefit. You know, like this day.

  3. Jessica

    There is beauty everywhere, to be found in everything. We just have to be willing to look for it. I LOVE the gray blue of the sky. Truly, you are talented.

  4. Pat Benson

    i love it! It’s a little apocalyptic and very beautiful. And I always envy the colors of your skies. This might be my new favorite of yours.

    • dinkerson

      Hi Pat. Thanks! My skies require many steps, and I’m always glad to hear when someone appreciates the result. 🙂

      Very glad to hear from you on this one.

  5. aussieian2011

    A fantastic piece of photography, well captured,the camera you have is great, and as good as the eye of its master.

    • dinkerson

      Thank you, Ian. Glad you stopped by. I agree that the camera I have is great. It’s really one of my favorite cameras ever made. One of its limitations is simply that I cannot change the lens to a zoom or wide angle. If I bought something new, I would likely continue to use this Fuji on a daily basis.

      I’m always glad to get your thoughts on my work.

  6. Ammon

    Very cool imagery! I imagine that somewhere nearby was a cattle skull and some tumbleweeds. Gorgeous colors.

    • dinkerson

      Hey Frank! Thanks. 🙂 I’ve been posting for a while now. But I just wanted to swing by and see how things were down at the Angle.

      I always appreciate a visit from you.

  7. fragglerocking

    I like how you have darkened the sky, and the stark composition is great, love those dried up old trees, it feels quite apocalyptic.
    Regarding a new camera, I think you’ll get everyone who uses a canon say- get a canon, and everyone who owns a nikon say- get a nikon 🙂 but as it’s only for occasional shots I would look for a second hand DSLR full frame, (the advantage of Nikon is they always come out better in having less noise at high ISO’s, but if you’re not going to be shooting in dark conditions, it won’t matter 🙂 ) If you don’t want a big efforty body, the samsung NX range is pretty cool.

    • dinkerson

      Yes, I’ve heard that about Canon’s ISO performance. And I’m all about shooting in low light for dramatic effect. The fuji’s low light performance has spoiled me, thus crisp, clean images at high ISO’s will be an important factor that I consider.
      Full frame is a must, thus your advice about second hand is going to be a must as well.
      I’ve invested enough, and am happy enough with what I have. This second camera really will be just for those occasional occasions.

  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Excellent, EXCELLENT. My gosh, these are almost other-worldly. But they’re planet Earth, right?

    Truly, the colour, somehow the mood… really gorgeous, Nathan.

  9. rangewriter

    I thought I was following you all along, but by golly, I wasn’t. You have been busy behind my back…or is that behind my reader. I see I have some enjoyable catching up to do. Through your eyes, I see a part of my country that I never thought particularly worthy of seeing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you translate what your eye sees so well.

    • dinkerson

      I knew you weren’t following an wished you would. Glad to see you did.

      And thanks for your kind words. 🙂

      • rangewriter

        Mia culpa. I’m a dork. And I do get way behind in in my WP reading. (But that makes looking photos so much easier and more fun!)

  10. dinkerson

    Think nothing of it. And your smooth over makes sense 😉

    Please forgive all of the typos. I know you notice such things, but I’ve been responding to comments, today, from my phone. Typing quickly with spell check on can be disastrous. 😀

  11. George Weaver

    Yes, these shots are good. The editing makes them great. You done good, Dinks. Really good. When I view the large images, they really are dramatic. I like these.

    • dinkerson

      I didn’t buy the Tokina lens. This was shot with my 24mm fixed lens on my fuji x100.
      I’ve been really looking closely at the Nikon Df.
      Full frame sensor, and the old fashioned dials for most adjustments. I’m kind of in love with the camera right now.
      If I purchase it, I have no idea what wide angle lens I’ll choose.


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