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Riverwalk at San Antonio, 2013


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31 Responses to “Riverwalk at San Antonio, 2013”

    • dinkerson

      I know! I thought about sending a wire down to meet us for a beer and lunch on the river walk 😉 . Unfortunately, but often times with good reason, there’s a stigma attached to that sort of thing. I hope things are going well for you down in Victoria.

  1. Jessica

    I LOVE the first photo! Actually, I love all of them. And I think it’s time for you to start entering LOTS of competitions. Bet you’d be rich. 😉

    Also, I agree with Greta: What a good-looking couple!

    • dinkerson

      Hey Jessica. Thanks! 🙂

      I entered the competition. If you’d like to have a look at the top five photos, you can look at http://www.thedigitallightroom.wordpress.com

      Lol, It looks like I’m not going to be getting rich this way any time soon. 😉
      Thanks again. I’m always glad to get your thoughts. And your recent posts have been very good. Judging by your comments section, you’re having a significant impact on your readers.

      • Jessica

        Thanks, I hope so! I’m just sharing my thoughts… Not a whole lot more I can hope to do…

        And I love the photos you entered! Good luck!

      • dinkerson

        Yes, I hear ya.

        Just so you know. None of those photos in the link were mine. I entered the competition with my “Natural Spring” photo, but did not do well. Those were the tope five finalists in that link. Maybe next time, eh?

  2. suzywordmuser

    Fabulous pictures – tuns of blue sky, could do with some of that where I am! 🙂 And the one with the two of you in, did you take that yourself too?

    • dinkerson

      Hi Suzy!
      I, too, could do with some more of that sun. I’m back home, and it’s snowing. 😦

      Steph took that picture of us.

      • suzywordmuser

        It’s snowing here in Britain too, but we’ve got away lightly in the area I’m in – at the moment! 🙂 It’s a really nice picture, almost looks like a paparazzi photographer grabbed your picture as you rushed through an airport!! 😀

    • dinkerson

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. Believe it or not, I thought of you when I took and edited these shots. Some of these seem like your kind of work.

  3. ks3nia

    Great places for a stroll it seems, the photos are just perfect! I love how you’ve edited them too – gorgeous colors and contrasts!

  4. saltypalette

    I second or third all the comments before me! Wonderful photos, my fave is the round stone staircase. You’ve really captured a nice mood with the processing on all of them. And, wow, are you two a lovely couple – so photogenic!

    • dinkerson

      Thanks!! The round stone staircase was my favorite purely from a technical POV. Otherwise, I like to look at the first shot the best. I don’t know why, there’s just something about it.

  5. lolabees

    I’ve been to San Antonio, and your photos seem to give it so much more character– a depth that (while I thought it was a cool, beautiful, fun, etc. city) I don’t remember feeling.

    • dinkerson

      This is a good compliment. Thanks!
      It’s funny, though, because these images portray exactly what I’ve felt each time I’ve been on the riverwalk… minus the tourists in denim coolots and fanny packs. 😉

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Love your last photo. How beautiful is that 🙂


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