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Texas State Capital, Austin

DSCF8629 (2)

Fuji x100
ISO 1600


23 Responses to “Texas State Capital, Austin”

    • dinkerson

      Hi Melanie. I’m glad that you like this. After shooting several thousand pictures, and hating all of them, I’m glad to hear that something worked out well.
      Funny how I start looking, then, at other cameras; even though I know it’s me who’s to blame. Perhaps a wider angle… or better low light performance. Yes, then I would always shoot well. 😉

  1. Jessica

    Love this. I especially like the black and white (okay, off-white) contrasted with the green and blue at the top. Also, I like *both* of the Riverwalk photos, too. Just saying. 😉

    • dinkerson

      Ha ha! Thank you Jessica. So you saw those too, huh? I wish there was a magic “do-overs” button on wordpress.
      I’m glad that you liked those shots… as gone as they now are.

  2. fragglerocking

    I am not familiar with this building, but am thinking it’s probably an original angle from which to shoot it. Am thinking this is maybe a dome and the ‘traditional’ shot would be up through the middle, for the symmetry of the circle. An easy then shot to like and go past. I think the POV here makes you stop and think about the structure, the decorations and textures of the building, and it makes me want to see the next shot, where you walk to the right and take the trad shot, lol. Fab stuff Dink.

    • dinkerson

      Some time back, another blogger (who shall remain uncredited) had posted a picture of the interior of a dome at a state capital.
      I can no longer find the image from her, but I got my inspiration from the unusual POV that she used.
      Because you said that you are not familiar with the structure in the image, I’ll say a brief something about it.

      (Begins typing a boring paragraph… erases it)

      On second thought, I’ll just say that there wasn’t a next shot. This was it. I was a little disheartened with my photography by this point in the evening. So I just pointed up, liked what I saw, adjusted frame, fiddled with some knobs and shot.

  3. lifelyricsandpics

    Cool shot! Nice framing and angle. Love the colors too. I don’t think I’ve been to the capital since I was a kid. Hope y’all enjoyed your trip to Texas!

    • dinkerson

      We did enjoy it, thanks! For whatever reason, we go to the capital every time we go to Austin. It may be our way of grounding ourselves after a couple of hours on Sixth Street. 😉 Just sayin’.

  4. George Weaver

    I think it’s a really good shot, Dinks. The processing appeals to me too. What do you think you could have done to make it any better is beyond me! 🙂

    • dinkerson

      Good. This was one of those nights on which I was too determined to get a good shot. I do better when I just sort of let if happen. You may know what I mean.
      Anyway, this was the only shot, from that night, that I let slide. I kind of like it more now that I’ve looked at it a few times.

      Thanks Mrs. Weaver.


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