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Burning Metal


This man peers carefully into his work, as he welds on a new hatch. The hatch will have to withstand many thousands of pounds of water pressure without leaking.

And just in case you’ve wondered if I really am the typo master, I’ve inserted a typo in my watermark. Damn)


41 Responses to “Burning Metal”

      • Pat Benson

        i was thinking one of the reasons i like it so much is that it is powerful in multiple ways. The entire image grabbed my eye, but then my eye arced from the flame to the lens and then onto that fantastic glove. The photo holds mystery too, i wasn’t sure what the lens was until i read the caption. I stared at the photo a long time, it’s really wonderful, and I keep coming back to it.

      • dinkerson

        While I processed this image I paid close attention to how my eyes moved around it. I also tested this on my wife. We both found that we were initially drawn to the glove. Then the flame and the lens, and finally back to the glove. My hopes were that the eyes would not drift off of the top right corner of the image, and I believe that this was avoided with the use of shadows.
        Your comments help make what I do here worthwhile. And it’s great to get detailed feedback. I’ve only been at this for a year – a year of paying close attention and studying the work of brilliant photographers. But the point is that I’ve had no training, and have to go entirely off of how the image feels to me. Because of that I can easily miss the mark, and have done so many times. When people like you tell me, for good or bad, how my photograph strikes you, it helps me know how I can keep consistent and improve.

        Thank you very much for your great comment. And feel perfectly free to offer helpful criticisms any time. I’d love to learn from your talent.

    • dinkerson

      Thanks Greta! 🙂 This wasn’t dangerous. It would be dangerous for somebody who was not involved in the project, familiar with the process, and well versed in proper safety protocol; however, I was a project manager and was on location for the purpose of training personnel. 😉

  1. ks3nia

    Amazing shot, so much color and detail! Now, if only your typing could keep up with your photography skill…. 😀

    • dinkerson

      Lol, thanks! Yes, I’ve picked on so many people for having poor typing skills, that I believe I may have cursed myself. 😉
      Now, I’d better not pick on “bad” photographers.

      • ks3nia

        Hahah :-p Yeah, better watch out for that (because curses seem to always work that way :-o)

  2. lolabees

    Love this. It makes me think of rainbow sprinkles or fireworks, which is not what you would immediately go for given the rest of the photo. (I know, weird comment.) Very cool shot.

    • dinkerson

      What can I say to this comment? Another girl says it looks like gift wrapping! 😀

      I almost want to make these remarks to the welder the next time I’m on a job.
      “Ooooh… that looks like rainbow sprinkles”, I’ll say with a Will Ferrell elf smirk on my face.
      “Can I eat some?”

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Fiery indeed. I can imagine dreaming a bit, thinking, doing that work. Though that could be dangerous.

    You’re so wonderful with photography, Nathan.

    • dinkerson

      You imagine correctly. I’ve spent many entire nights welding ladders together in the hot shop. Many of life’s problems can be thought out and mentally worked through during this time.
      It’s interesting that you’ve mentioned this dreaming and thinking, because it’s one of the reasons why I like to weld.

  4. dinkerson

    Thank you. The colors in this image are the natural colors that were captured in camera. There are no black and white areas; only full color.

    • dinkerson

      Really? You think so? That’s good to hear. A talk that you and I had kind of sparked the idea behind how I processed this image.


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