Dinkerson Photo

Traveling Beyond my Bailiwick

East Camden Yard


Fuji x100
ISO 320


11 Responses to “East Camden Yard”

  1. saltypalette

    Your industrial type shots are my favorites. The way you capture the mood and gritty elegance really draws me in. Great image!!

    • dinkerson

      Thank you, Ma’am. They are my favorites too, and something of which I’m very proud.
      A shot like this is difficult to get; you have to be precise and know exactly what you want as well as the necessary steps to make that happen.
      My more simple posts, the ones that require little effort, are always the ones that get more acclaim.

      Leaves me scratching my head. Lol

      • saltypalette

        One never knows what will take hold… I have had a similar experience.
        You should be proud, just fantastic work! Funny, I almost made a request for another industrial/work type image, I loved the cutting torch picture so much (it was a cutting torch, right?) – so thank you for obliging without realizing it!

      • dinkerson

        This was really great to read. Someone gets it, lol.
        Yes, that is a cutting torch, and that is my favorite picture that I’ve ever taken. I respect your work very much, and it’s good, once again, to get your thoughts on that one.
        In fact, I had asked three different well respected photographers if I was just seeing things, thinking that the image was any good. Two of them said that I was; the image was simply not remarkable. And the third one never responded.

        Now, I do appreciated their honest feedback; however, I’m still convinced that the image was very good. I mean, truthfully we do this for our own eyes, right?

      • saltypalette

        And beware of taking too much stock in what ‘well respected’ photographers say. They are not always honest. I say this from experience. In life, I’ve noticed that sensing competition will make people stingy with their praise 😉 I don’t know who you asked, they may be honest, but maybe not your audience.

        IDK. The way I feel, is that it may be like the difference between an Academy Award winning movie and a ‘cult classic.’ Both are remembered and revered, but I usually like the cult classics better. More soul. Hope that makes sense to you 😀

    • dinkerson

      This does make sense. I love the comparison to a cult classic. Very good way to put it.
      I’ve just been noticing what you’re talking about with the strange attitude from many pros. I even thought about doing a rant post about it. 😉
      One of the guys that I asked is really good, and I trust that his opinion was sincere. And you may be right, just because someone follows does not always mean that they are our true audience.
      Well, just so you know, I really like your work. I like how your passion shows in your images.

      On a final note, your comment was really really good. I wish I could respond and do it justice, but I’ve just arrived home from traveling and visiting family on top of that. You’ve made me smile today, and even feel downright good about my efforts with this picture taking thing.

      Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. fragglerocking

    I do like the high contrast in this, I know I wouldn’t have been able to resist HDRing it and spoilt the effect, very nicely done, dark satanic mills springs to mind, (a Yorkshire Industrial thing 🙂 )

  3. dinkerson

    I stay away from the HDR effect. This image is naturally bold and austere. Taking it any further would’ve been taking what was obvious to the viewer, and putting birthday candles all over it (so to speak), to unnecessarily draw attention.
    I searched online for “Yorkshire satanic mills”. Got some interesting images and articles. I clearly see what you mean.

  4. George Weaver

    This is spectacular. I like your editing very much. When you enter contests, like the Digital Lightroom one, let me know. Thanks! 🙂


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