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Traveling Beyond my Bailiwick

Missouri Straw Fields at Mid Day


Fuji x100
ISO 320


24 Responses to “Missouri Straw Fields at Mid Day”

    • dinkerson

      Thank you, Jessica. These colors were selected by me, so… I’m glad you like’em.
      I’ve always thought that the world’s colors kind of clash. 🙂 At least when viewed through a lens.

  1. Wineness

    I love the rough texture of the straw against the softness of the clouds. So beautiful.

    • dinkerson

      You noticed that, huh? Even though this image isn’t one of my favorites, I think that the contrasting textures are what made me settle on posting it anyway.

    • dinkerson

      Thanks Afterglow. You know, I almost didn’t post this shot because it seemed to be missing… something. But I’m glad that I posted anyway. It’s interesting to see what people find visually pleasing.
      In my mind, this is the dullest shot that I’ve posted in a long while; whereas, my hands with torch post from two days ago is by far the best.
      Yet, I’ve had several people tell me that they didn’t at all like anything about the hands with torch photo, and people seem to like this shot very well. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

      Lol. Okay I’m done going on about it. 🙂

      • My Life Afterglow

        Hahaha. That’s what makes photos interesting. Opinion varies from one person to another. I love this photo simply because it takes me back to my childhood. During summer before we visit our grandmother, my cousins and I will stop by a field similar to this and will spend our whole afternoon running and playing. Reminds me of a time when life was much more simple and carefree. 🙂

    • dinkerson

      Well, I’m always driving! Lol, if I’m going to take pictures it’s pretty much gonna be on the side of the road. 🙂

      I usually begin by the road, and end up wandering off somewhere.
      This shot was taken about a mile (through head high grass) from my car. The land was some kind of preservation something or another, and I think I was the only person who’d been there in a while. hmmmm. 😉
      I love that.

    • dinkerson

      This was far far away from anything. No sound of cars. Nothing. There were, however, about ten thousand or so ducks in the large pond to the left. When they would fly up, it would sound like a wind storm.

    • dinkerson

      Thank you! It’s alway great to get feedback from photographers as advanced as you are. Tells me I must be doing something right.
      And before you say otherwise, yes… you are that good! 😉

      This shoot was a lot of fun.

  2. fragglerocking

    Love the tones and processing here, sorry missed this my reader is not always the best! I drive lots too but on a tight schedule, I miss so many photo ops!

    • dinkerson

      I’ve missed a few of those photo ops as well. I usually leave a few hours ahead of schedule, just to make for a carefree morning and plenty of shooting time. But I have the benefit of setting my own schedule, and I try to keep it limited to three or four meetings in a day.
      I do, however, limit myself to only one shoot each day; Otherwise, it may encroach upon my more lucrative tasks. But evenings are fair game. 😉


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