Dinkerson Photo

Traveling Beyond my Bailiwick

St. Patrick’s Church, Denison Texas




Fuji x100
ISO 200


14 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Church, Denison Texas”

  1. lolabees

    Beautiful shot. What camera did you get? Ugh- I still haven’t dedicated much time to mastering my photog skills. oh, and I had a friend from Denison back when I lived in Dallas. (Not that it matters, but it sparked a memory for me.) 🙂

    • dinkerson

      I think that’s cool. Small world reminders are always cool.
      I got a Fuji X100. It’s small, simple, and beyond refined. It accidentally takes incredible photographs, but it provides unlimited options to set up your shot just how you want it. My GF1 is still great, but it tends to want to set your shot up for you, even on manual. Not cool.
      I’m going to make a post, soon, about my X100, and the interesting way that I’ve set it up. It’s certainly unique.

  2. George Weaver

    What the heck? What editing software did you use here? I cannot imagine your interest in Efex Pro for conversions if you’re not using it here, and I don’t think you are. This image is as smooth as silk. The contrasts are dramatic without being harsh and the tones are just downright delicious. I love this effect. Really fine.

    • dinkerson

      Lol. This was Aperture 3. Since I’ve used Color Efex, my photos have seemed harsh. It’s not the fault of the software; instead, it may be that I can’t properly keep it in check.

  3. George Weaver

    You are experience in graphics manipulation. You do a professional and creative job of it. I laughed at my longhorn photos. The editing was obviously amateurish. I certainly have a renewed respect for the light touch now. I’m heavy-handed about everything I do. I hadn’t looked at your photographs before now. They are very well executed from click to finish. Meanwhile, I struggle onward. 😉

    • dinkerson

      Well, I’ve rather enjoyed your photos. The cows; the boy; all have a clean, simple and inviting feel.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  4. The Course of Our Seasons

    Thanks for commenting on my blog – always happy to support other Ozark bloggers. This is a beautiful photo of the church – the background is very dramatic – I grew up in Denison so know this church well! K

    • dinkerson

      Well, that’s cool. So you probably know how many power lines I had to remove to make this image. lol 😉


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