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New Photographic Possibilities With Aperture 3


What I love about this image is that I saw something in this scene that my camera overlooked. I saw something beautiful, yet slightly haunting and was able to bring it out with Aperture 3.
Please keep in mind that I’ve not yet completed my work on this shot.

I discovered this little shell of a house somewhere along Hwy 69 in Oklahoma. Quickly, I pulled my car over and I took this shot. I saw something in this house, something emotional and sinister. The only problem was that my camera didn’t see it.

These situations are where Aperture 3 shines. Aperture 3 is similar to Lightroom, only it’s set up to play nicely with your Mac.

I’ve posted the original, photo file below.

S0597375 2

Notice what I was able to do with the clouds, and the creeping shadows along the base of the image. Removing these power lines is time consuming, and I’m not done with them yet.


14 Responses to “New Photographic Possibilities With Aperture 3”

    • dinkerson

      Thanks. This image isn’t finished, and I’ll likely never finish it. But many folks are getting sour on Aperture 3, and I wanted to give it some positive thoughts.

  1. lolabees

    Whoa! I love that. So true– so many times I see something that my camera doesn’t. You may just inspire me to make the time to learn a little more about my camera and photo editing.


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