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Traveling Beyond my Bailiwick

Natural Light Featured



Fuji x100
ISO 320


This image was taken inside the doors from the post “Your Barn Door’s Open”. The two windows against the back wall are the windows creating the secondary subject of that image.

Burning Metal Featured


This man peers carefully into his work, as he welds on a new hatch. The hatch will have to withstand many thousands of pounds of water pressure without leaking.

And just in case you’ve wondered if I really am the typo master, I’ve inserted a typo in my watermark. Damn)

Beginning The Restoration: A Historic Water Tower Project Featured


Cutting our way in

Many of you may know that I inspect water towers. What you may not know is that, at times, I’m required to do a great deal more than just looking at these goliath relics. My company does everything from state and federal tower inspections to full tower renovations and comprehensive restoration work. We fabricate steel tank components, such as 200 ft. tall ladders, and we install them as needed.

We climb tanks, and repel from them; we swing from sway rods 150 ft. high with blast equipment that is strong enough to propel a 250 lb. man several feet off of the ground; we hang on with one hand and work with the other.

We’re not celebrated; we’re not distinguished; we keep your water clean.

All in a days work.


Taken 130 feet in the air, standing in the base of a 120 year old water tower.

The top image is not HDR. The effect was achieved through the meticulous use of brushes.

Finally! Matted Prints For My Office


Ordering prints can be rewarding, or telling for an amateur photographer. Something about prints… they don’t lie! I had many of my favorite photographs printed, and discovered that only five of those were worthy of displaying.

This is good, though. My purpose, since the day I began photography some year and a half ago, has been to become the absolute best I can be. The only way this is achieved is by locating deficiencies, and correcting them.

So not only did my first prints bring about some great wall art, but they created an opportunity to learn and improve as well.


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